Workout at home with youtube: Instructions for use

The closure of weight rooms during the pandemic affected many people and there was a sharp increase in the supply and demand for training equipment (welcome to Altterre elsewhere) and courses offered online.

People have also turned to Youtube to look for training ideas as well as the motivation to move despite the confinement (s).

Youtube is indeed a platform full of various options: a simple search allows us to find a training that we like in its composition and in its duration. Unfortunately, the videos on this platform are not all of quality and we must be careful when selecting them.

Here are some things to consider before venturing into training with a pure stranger:


As you perform the exercises alone at home, you do not benefit from an external opinion, such as that of a kinesiologist or an instructor for example. It is therefore possible that your technique for performing certain movements is not up to date or that the exercise is simply not suitable for you.

The instructor of the course you follow on Youtube must therefore offer modifications to the exercises according to the levels. Even better if he / she is accompanied by other people who demonstrate the exercise with modifications!

Listen to your body! Indeed, if, despite the proposed modifications, the exercise is still not for you, stop performing it and replace it with another exercise.

Training structure

To avoid injury and ensure a quality workout, the main workout should be preceded by a warm-up and then followed by a cool-down. On the other hand, if you do some quick research on Youtube, you will quickly find that the majority of videos start right away with the main workout without offering a warm-up or cool-down.

These videos are not necessarily to be avoided, however. If a video in this category appeals to you and seems suitable for you, here are some ways to safely carry out the workout it offers:

  • Find a video offering a warm-up and / or cool-down before / after completing the main workout OR do your own warm-up / cool-down. Click here to know the importance of the warm-up as well as to have ideas of warm-up exercises (more related to running, but which can be very good for muscle training too.);
  • If the video offers a warm-up / cool-down, but of too short a duration, nothing prevents you from restarting it once more or even pausing the video in order to lengthen the whole.

Training quality

As mentioned earlier, not all workout videos posted on Youtube are of good quality. As this platform is open to everyone, the videos published on it do not necessarily come from qualified people.

So don't hesitate to research the owner of the Youtube account. The majority of qualified people will proudly display their competence in getting you information fairly easily, if at all. You will then see if the person inspires you with confidence before continuing.

Message conveyed

Fortunately, body diversity as well as the reasons for moving just to feel good about yourself are more and more conveyed these days. We therefore suggest that you find an instructor who will convey these values ​​and who will give you pleasure in moving.

Sentences like " this workout is for you if you want to achieve a perfect figure in your bikini this summer "Or" go, go, we increase the pace if we want to lose those extra pounds! », Are really outdated!

It is also important to be careful and to keep things straight when it comes to product promotion. Indeed, it may be that the instructor of your video has signed a partnership with some product and that, in order to honor his contract, he / she is obliged to promote it in his videos. Although this practice is not necessarily bad (the product being promoted may appeal to you and satisfy you greatly), just be vigilant in the face of it. Indeed, it is not because the instructor mentions that such and such a product is miraculous for weight loss that it will work for you.

Finally, Youtube is a superb home training platform, when you select your videos with care. That being said, we suggest that you go and watch the workout and performance videos of certain movements set up by the Team Altterre : quality and safety guaranteed!

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