8 gift ideas to give to a sporty person

The beginning of November is synonymous with preparing for the holiday season and finding gifts to offer. November also signifies the arrival of Black Friday; the perfect time to take advantage of great discounts everywhere.

Whether it is for a great sportsman or for a person who would like to start a fitness, we have gathered several products that could please them. Here are some suggestions to spoil your loved ones at Christmas:

Balance board - Montreal B-Board

For an original and fun gift, the balance board is an excellent idea. Made from 100% recycled wood for the standard and pro model, this board helps improve balance, strengthen leg stability and work on the core belt. It is a very good supplement for sports enthusiasts such as snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing and paddle boarding. Montreal B-Board also offers a model for children; a nice gift to get your youngster moving while having fun!

Trainer indoor cycle - Tacx flow smart

Cyclists will be delighted with this gift which will allow them to continue their sport even in the winter season. the Tacx Flow Smart Trainer is a smart and interactive tool to install a road bike and ride in place. It measures speed, power and cadence, in addition to simulating realistic slopes of up to 6%.

Home workout accessories - Altterre

The different training accessories Altterre make great gifts for people who enjoy bodybuilding and yoga at home. For strength training, the training bag is available from 8 to 45 lbs; there are therefore options for beginners as well as for more advanced people (crossfit enthusiasts for example!).

Energy gel and flexible silicone flask - BRIX

Sometimes we are looking for a little something to complete a gift or simply to add to a Christmas stocking. The Brix energy gels, made from maple syrup, are well loved by athletes, to meet their energy expenditure throughout a physical effort. Offer them individually or in a bottle with the soft, refillable silicone flask.  

Sportswear and accessories for women - L Fit Boutique 

For a woman around you who would like to have another outfit stylish for training, L Fit Boutique offers a great selection of tops, sports bras, pants and shorts that are designed to move.

Sportswear for men and women - Ice breaker

An attractive gift option for men, women and children alike are indoor and outdoor clothing made from merino wool by Ice breaker. Give a skier a few pieces to keep him warm this winter or some accessories for a runner who continues his journey outside despite the cold!

Shoes for runners on the road or on trails - YUL Sport

Are you looking for a product to give to a runner? Why not a new pair of shoes adapted to his type of running. Yul Sport offers different shoes for road, trails, winter road and winter trail that have proven their worth!

Sports bag - Be Up

A sports bag is always practical for people who train at the gym or for athletes who have to carry equipment. The bag of Be up is made in Quebec and it has a good capacity, so you can use it at school, at work or at the gym. An elegant gift that is offered to both a man and a woman!

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