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The adoption of a canine partner has really seen a dramatic increase in the past year: containment during the pandemic has certainly played a major role in this phenomenon.

As a dog owner (Chum, for friends), I can confirm that adopting a dog comes with a multitude of responsibilities: both towards your canine partner and towards the general population. Here are some tips to make your walk, that of your dog and that of other hikers pleasant:

Keep your dog on a leash in public places

At the risk of getting rocks thrown at me by dog ​​owners who never keep their dog on a leash, I am of the opinion that, if your dog is not at all times less than 1 meter away from you and that he does not listen with his finger and his eye, you must keep him on a leash.

"Ah, but he's super thin and not at all aggressive." Ok, but Michel, 47, who doesn't really like dogs, doesn't know him and your "super thin and not at all aggressive" dog was curious, got too ready and ruined Michel's peaceful hike. . He might complain and who knows, maybe in a few years, dogs will be banned in your favorite park.

Over the years I have met some hikers and although Chum is constantly leashed in public places, I have noticed fearful people despite my complete control over him.

"Yeah, but it's really bad for my dog ​​if I take away his freedom." In fact, he may feel a little disappointed when faced with a restriction of his freedom at first, but we are talking about respect for others. Living in society is also that. And between you and me, your dog's ultimate desire is simply to get some fresh air by your side!

There are also a host of additional advantages to keeping your dog on a leash: avoiding unfriendly encounters with another dog or even a wild beast, avoiding leaks and / or accidents, preventing him from wandering away on private land, etc.

PS Keeping the dog on a leash is now compulsory in public places in the province of Quebec. Be advised!

Cleanse Your Dog's Needs

With the increase in adoption, there has been a marked increase in excreta left on the ground in public places. This is unacceptable in my opinion. Here again, we are talking about respect for others and life in society. Pounding in poop is boring for EVERYONE, but I imagine people who don't have a dog or really enjoy their company find it more boring!?!

Picking up your dog's needs in a bag and finally leaving them on the edge of the trail is not a more acceptable practice. We are talking about an extremely long decomposition time in addition to visual pollution! Oh, and while we're at it, burying your dog's need in the snow isn't much more appropriate. Imagine the excrement cemetery during the spring snowmelt!

It is therefore essential to respect these few rules, to be informed and to comply with the restrictions in order to share the trails harmoniously with other hikers. We have so many beautiful spaces in Quebec and it is our responsibility to keep them clean and safe for everyone!

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