About us

Groupe Défis is a Quebec company that specializes in the organization and production of events as well as active content for 10 years. Founded by Daniel Riou, kinesiologist and runner, the company is recognized in particular for its expertise in the field of running and the promotion of health at work (Corporate Challenge present in 4 cities).

Here are the events that Groupe Défis produces:

Our philosophy

Yes, physical activity is good for your health. Being active reduces our risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. It also improves, through the secretion of endorphins, our mood in general and our overall health. However, we believe that physical activity is much more than a way to improve our health!

We are persuaded which physical activity has the power to make us feel more alive, put us in touch and create more satisfying and happier lives. This is why since 2010, we strive, with pride and pleasure, to transmit this positive force and to make the practice of physical activity accessible! 

Our mission

Contribute to the movement and health of people.

Our Values / Mission

Security: this is our priority. We ensure that we offer safe events and tools for everyone: participants, collaborators, volunteers, suppliers and spectators.

Creativity : we implement original means to make physical activity accessible and synonymous with pleasure. We want to stand out by personalizing your customer experience.

Conscience for the community : keen to have a positive impact in our environment and to promote our community, we consider and involve the stakeholders affected by our actions. We are proud to support various causes each year and provide donations for each of the events we organize. In addition, we are carrying out several initiatives in sustainable development,

Honesty : we value an approach marked by integrity in our relationships and communications. In addition, our programs are based on convincing evidence and validated in order to offer you credible content.

Respect : we favor an attitude of openness and consideration of others within the Groupe Défis community.