Our team

Our team (from left to right): Mathieu Boucher, Laurie Bellerive, Maxime Tremblay, Marie-Ève ​​Riou, Alain Forest, Marcel Riou, Alicia Vargas, Daniel Riou and Samuel Fiola

Daniel Riou - Founder

Daniel is a kinesiologist by trade, entrepreneur, athlete and passionate about running. He wants to contribute to the physical form of thousands of people. He is at the origin of Corporate Challenge which was launched in 2011. Being active means a better quality of life for him.

Mathieu Boucher - Project manager

Involved from near and far since the start of Défis, Mathieu has a keen interest in health. Holder of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, he is particularly interested in injury prevention, health and trail running.

Claude Godbout - Project manager

Claude is a former biathlon and obstacle course athlete and has a business administration degree.

Jade Ferlatte - Marketing and communication

Business administration graduate and environmentally conscious.

Laurie Bellerive - Business Challenge Manager Trois-Rivières

An entrepreneur at heart, Laurie Bellerive is the owner of 3 gyms in the Trois-Rivières region, the TR Athletic Centers. She is also responsible for the Défi Entreprises in Trois-Rivières.

Marie-Ève ​​Riou - Business Challenge Manager Gatineau / Ottawa

Marie-Ève ​​has a doctorate in exercise physiology. On the scientific level, she is interested in the impact of exercise on the energy balance and more particularly on daily physical activity and food intake. While being in charge of the Défi Entreprises in the Gatineau / Ottawa region, she has the pleasure of coaching the Course4FUN team. She is passionate about education, nutrition, psychology and physical activity. Its objectives are to motivate those who want to be active.

Maxime Tremblay - Saguenay Business Challenge Manager

Owner of the Informe Affaires newspaper, Maxime has been responsible for the Saguenay Business Challenge since 2018.

Alain Forest - Montreal Business Challenge Consultant

After a career in management and interested in playing sports, Alain decided to get involved in the Défi Entreprises Montréal.