S2E9: How Joan Roch, ultra-marathoner, got back to running?

Joan Roch is an author, photographer, journalist, speaker and ultra-marathoner. He got into racing a few years ago, got involved in this community in a big way, and then took a break. Last year, notably through his Percé-Montreal challenge and the publication of his book, he demonstrated that he had come back in force ... Read more

4 tips for working out on your lunch hour

Our desire to perform in all the roles of our life (parents, workers, spouses, etc.) has the consequence of filling our days… to the maximum! Sometimes there just isn't time to move. If you feel this way, you are far from alone in this situation! So when do we train in all of this? ... Read more

Is it possible to be athletic without eating meat?

Cutting down on meat consumption or even excluding it entirely from your diet can seem like a big challenge. Especially for athletes. But we're going to break a myth today: It's possible to eat veggie while having plenty of energy to train! Meat is not an essential food for energy. We can … Read more

S2E8: When can you really get back to your sport after giving birth?

After giving birth, when can you start running again? To walk? To ride a bike? Are there activities to avoid or, on the contrary, others that must absolutely be included? It is to these questions that Sarah Baribeau, kinesiologist, physiotherapist and founder of Bougeotte and Placotine, will answer in this podcast. Daniel: Speak ... Read more