S2E11: How can good perineal health help you move better?

Perineal health is a rarely discussed subject. You may even be wondering "but what is the perineum?" However, problems related to this region are very common, especially in women. Marisabelle Plante, physiotherapist in perineal rehabilitation at Clinique Femina, therefore clarifies the subject and explains the importance of having good health ... Read more

S2E10: How Do Athletes Train During COVID?

Since last summer, professional sports athletes have resumed training and competition, but what about amateur sports, such as cross-country skiing, for which the Olympic Games are fast approaching? This is the subject, and many others, that we discussed with François Pépin, a seasoned cross-country ski trainer ... Read more

S2E9: How Joan Roch, ultra-marathoner, got back to running?

Joan Roch is an author, photographer, journalist, speaker and ultra-marathoner. He got into racing a few years ago, got involved in this community in a big way, and then took a break. Last year, notably through his Percé-Montreal challenge and the publication of his book, he demonstrated that he had come back in force ... Read more

S2E8: When can you really get back to your sport after giving birth?

After giving birth, when can you start running again? To walk? To ride a bike? Are there activities to avoid or, on the contrary, others that must absolutely be included? It is to these questions that Sarah Baribeau, kinesiologist, physiotherapist and founder of Bougeotte and Placotine, will answer in this podcast. Daniel: Speak ... Read more

S2E7: How did Bruno Blanchet start running?

How did Bruno Blanchet start the race?

Today, we have a kind of dream come true. Former fan of the show Le Studio, I met Bruno Blanchet to discuss his passion for running and training. Indeed, the latter mentions that his interviews are mainly oriented on his characters like Anne-Marie or Tite dent but rarely ... Read more