How to learn to love running?

In action
In action
How to learn to love running?

For this episode, we try a slightly different formula; we will answer various questions related to running.

How do we love to run?

  • The important thing in life is to be active;
  • Running has benefits, but many other physical activities can be used as well;
  • The ideal is to create the habit of running and for that, we need 3 components:
    • A signal that triggers the habit;
    • The behaviour;
    • An award.
  • You can compensate with a extrinsic reward, but the ideal is that the reward becomes intrinsic.

33:11 Can you get addicted to running?

36:00 I get tired when I run, why?

  • First thing to try: shorter and less intense training;
  • Second thing to try: alternate walking and running.

38:15 I'm out of breath when I run, how can I be less?

  • There aren't a lot of options other than slowing down the pace or improving sound. VO2 max.

41:21 Even if you become very good at running, you will still be out of breath.

  • It depends. If you have one VAM very high, it is possible that you are not really out of breath while running.

43:40 How not to have side stitches?

  • We don't really know where the side stitches come from. What we know is that sports that generate a lot of impact and a lot of shortness of breath cause more of this type of inconvenience;
  • In general, the longer you run, the less likely you are to suffer side stitches.

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