What to eat before / during / after training with Isabelle Morin

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In action
What to eat before / during / after training with Isabelle Morin

Do you run or walk regularly, but wonder if your nutrition before/during/after your workout is adequate? Isabelle Morin answers this question that you are probably asking yourself in this episode of the En Action podcast!

Isabelle Morin is a sports nutritionist, runner and foodie in the soul. She holds a bachelor's degree in nutrition from Laval University and is a member of the Order of Dietitians-Nutritionists of Quebec (ODNQ). She also has a master's degree in nutrition from Laval University and a diploma in sports nutrition from the International Olympic Committee.

She has accompanied many runners and runners, but also athletes of all levels, for several years.

3:55: What to eat before your workout?

  • Adapt your energy intake according to the energy expenditure of your training
  • Eat about:
    • 3 hours before if full meal
    • 2 hours before if light meal
    • 1 hour before if snack
  • Avoid protein and fat just before training

8:00: Can we train in the morning on an empty stomach?

  • Possible, but no weight loss benefits
  • Plan to eat after training, so as not to stay on an empty stomach

16:25: Should we take a source of sodium or drink before training?

  • Water is usually sufficient
  • No need to have pre-workout electrolytes in most cases

28:00: Is there a benefit to using sports drinks that contain maltodextrin or BCAAs?

  • Maltodextrin is a source of carbohydrates so yes relevant during exercise, especially if of long duration
  • BCAA, not necessary during training

33:00: What to eat after training?

  • Adapt your diet to energy needs
  • Aim to have a snack that combines carbs and protein post-workout

3 thoughts on “What to eat before / during / after training with Isabelle Morin”

  1. Hello I have a question. Me in the morning at 7:30 am I'm going to walk with my dog ​​for an hour and when I arrive I drink an energy drink before my training 30 minutes bodybuilding and 30 to 49 minutes of jogging on my carpet. Sometimes I run out of energy can I grab something while I'm walking with my dog ​​and give me some energy. Thank you and looking forward to reading from you. Good day

  2. Thanks for the information.
    In initiation jogging, some participants have stomach cramps.
    What do you advise?
    What is the cause?

    We look forward to seeing you!


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